About PT. Nusantara Cipta Utama

NCU is seeking to invest in and operate companies within basic necessity products, and we have started with investment in property. We are working to expand outside property into manufacturing of food and logistic services. We have existing since 2013 and been involved with software and trading of agriculture products.

Since 2018 we have set the goal of growing extensively together our partners within property, logistics, and food manufacturing. We invest with a combination of equity and debt. 

Our mission is to grow people and communities in Indonesia by brining work and education through investments and businesses.

Standards and Values 

Below are NCUs standards and values with the goal of aligning NCU with current and future stakeholders. The standards are quality traits used on each task, communication or project we work on. We seek to work with people, who adapt these standards and values in their life.

Growth and Big Goals
Growing equals living and we focus on continues steady growth. Growth happens in learning, raising standards, challenging status quo and setting higher goals. With growth we need to have clear objectives that are followed by clear action. Focusing on big goals is key to us. We work towards key common goals through OKRs and tasks set for each stakeholder.

Consistent Execution
Consistently moving forward by executing daily leads to massive growth. Showing up on time, prepared and with energy every day makes life fun and bring success. We work towards big goals. To achieve  these goals, we need to work with stakeholders that deliver consistently, improve themselves, and comes in with energy and a professional attitude. We uphold ourselves to this standard every day.

Detailed and Concise
Growth and continuous execution need to be complimented by detailed high quality work. We create the simplest, clearest and deepest work on tasks. This is to give maximum value from our efforts. We want to simplify life. Collect the data needed to prevent overconfidence and speed up decision making.

Clear and direct communication
Clear communication means being short and concise. Direct communication starts with the conclusion and then move forward to why you came to this conclusion.