We at NCU are looking for a business associate, who can be our business partner. Are you a highly growth driven person with high standards? Are you hungry to grow and develop yourself as a person? We are looking for people to develop and grow our business with. If you have drive and seek growth, your background and past experience is irrelevant to us.

NCU is seeking to invest in and operate companies within basic necessity products, and we have started with investment in property. We are working to expand outside property into manufacturing of food and logistic services. We have existed since 2013 and been involved with software and trading of agriculture products.

Since 2018 we have set out to grow our business in basic necessities. With our partners we work on opportunities within property, logistics, and food manufacturing. Our mission is to grow people and communities in Indonesia by bringing work and education through investments and businesses.

We look for a person who is driven, smart and wants to take the next leap in life. A person who wants to grow and learn, and that can help us build our business. A person who wants to take responsibility and join us on a journey. You are a person who is ready to get out of your comfort zone, and push their own standards of work higher. Critical, analytical thinking skills with the ability to learn further people skills is key to succeed at NCU.

An exciting role as key member in a team of professionals who seeks to grow you and our businesses together. You will get experience in a wide variety of assignments and fast personal growth. You will handle different areas of NCU business, until we together find the right project for you to own and take on.

You will be working with a small internal team of 3-5 people to push forward our projects, seek out new opportunities and execute on opportunities.

Your work will range from data analytics to reaching out to people. You will be tasked with analysis companies, ideas and markets. You will have to find in the field if opportunities are relevant to pursue and you will gain understanding of how the world works

– Equity share of projects
– High performance based compensation
– Professional development and training opportunities

– A drive and energy to continuously grow, learn and execute;
– Strong in critical thinking, information processing and analytics;
– Able to execute on plans to move projects forward;
– Strong communication skills both oral and written in Indonesian and English; and
– Bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, finance, economics, or any studies, are relevant.

If you are interested in taking the next step in your life, send your CV and short cover letter describing why you are interested in working at NCU.