Careers at NCU

At NCU we are looking for talented and driven people to work with us. We want to develop our people into future leaders and business owners. At NCU we offer our people the opportunity to learn and grow by exposing them to various areas of business and giving them responsibility for their area of work. We offer our people the opportunity to become partners in their investments and projects. We encourage them our people to take ownership and have strong potential to grow their personal future and life with us. 

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Content Writer

Are you an experienced professional with a mind of a deep-thinker? Can you turn professional business discussion into exceptional writing? We are looking for a Copywriter who has a proven track record of creating business and executive content.  As a Copywriter, we...

Business Associate

We at NCU are looking for a business associate, who can be our business partner. Are you a highly growth driven person with high standards? Are you hungry to grow and develop yourself as a person? We are looking for people to develop and grow our business with. If you...