NCU - Investing in Indonesia

PT. Nusantara Cipta Utama (NCU) invest, operate and grow companies in Indonesia. We focus on basic necessity products and services that either can be scaled locally or exported with a preference to exportable goods. NCU and its team take majority ownership of companies to turnaround and scale these.

PT. Nusantara Cipta Utama (NCU) is an Indonesian Investment Partnership, which invests in or acquires companies with the goal of doing turnarounds and accelerating growth. We focus on companies within basic necessity industries like agriculture / food, logistics, property, wood processing, export related products and similar.

Our partnership consists of Indonesian and foreign partners and investors.We focus on growing and bringing value to people and local communities. We do this by growing businesses and investing in projects that produces value in the form of products or services, which either can be exported or benefit the local community. We have done investments in waste to energy for export, logistics, affordable housing, agriculture and more.

We are open to acquisition, financing growth and turnarounds of companies in Indonesia.

NCU Teams are hands on when it comes to acquisition and turnaround, with 20+ years of experience with operating and scaling service companies, production facilities, exporting and more.

NCU keeps the companies for the long term either as majority shareholder or overtime as minority shareholder. 

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To learn more about NCU and its team read our about page. We are open to discuss partnerships and investors interested in Indonesia are welcome to contact us for more information.

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If you have any relevant investments and to learn more about the type of investments we look for please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are open to further discussion.